Animation by Jon Perry
What is Natural Selection? • What is Evolution? • What is the Evidence for Evolution? • Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter? • How Does New Genetic Information Evolve? • What Caused Life's Major Evolutionary Transitions? • What Is the RNA World Hypothesis? • How does Cooperation Evolve?

12 Days of Evolution
What Is Evolution, Anyway? • Is Evolution Random? • Have We Ever Seen Evolution Happen? • Can Evolution Make an Eye? • Have We Ever Seen A New Species Arise? • Evolution Is Dumb • Why Do Men Have Nipples? • Does Evolution Violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics? • Can Evolution Create Information? • Why Are There Still Monkeys? • Are Humans Still Evolving? • Does Evolution Have a Point?

Animation by the Amoeba Sisters
Nature of Science •
Casual and Scientific Use of "Theory" and "Law" • Natural Selection • Genetic Drift • Mutations • Speciation • Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium • Classification

Crash Course Biology, Evolution and Genetics
Heredity • DNA Structure and Replication • DNA, Hot Pockets, and the Longest Word Ever • Mitosis: Splitting Up is Complicated • Meiosis: Where the Sex Starts • Natural Selection • Speciation: Of Ligers & Men • Animal Development: We're Just Tubes • Eolutionary Development: Chicken Teeth • Population Genetics: When Darwin Met Mendel • Taxonomy: Life's Filing System • Evolution: It's a Thing

2 Minute Classroom, Evolution and Natural Selection
What is Evolutionary Fitness? • Natural Selection vs Artificial Selection• Genetic Drift • Homologous Structures vs Analogous Structures • Vestigial Structures • Convergent Evolution vs Divergent Evolution, • Parallel Evolution, • Speciation

More Evolution and Natural Selection Videos
Four billion years of evolution in six minutes • Evolution 101 • Myths and misconceptions about evolution • This is NOT What Evolution Looks Like • Common Misconceptions About Evolution • Darwin and Natural Selection • How Evolution Works • Theory of Evolution: How did Darwin come up with it? • Evolution - What Darwin Never Knew • Evidence for Evolution • Natural Selection Animation • Evolution of Mammals • Evidence for Evolution • How Do We Know Evolution Happens? • How we think complex cells evolved • When Whales Walked • How Evolution Works (And How We Figured It Out) • How we found out evolution is true • The Animated Life of A.R Wallace • What is a species?

Human Evolution
Human Origins 101
The Missing Link That Wasn't • The evolution of the human eyeHow The Human Eye Evolved To Be So Complex • BBC Your Inner Fish An Evolution Story • Facts about Human Evolution • How Your DNA Proves Evolution Is Real • The Future of Human Evolution • Abilities Evolution Took From Us • Richard Dawkins : Comparing the Human and Chimpanzee Genomes • 4 Ways Humans Are Still Evolving • The Humans That Lived Before Us • Seven Million Years of Human Evolution • Human Evolution: Crash Course Big History #6 • Your Inner Fish | We Hear With the Bones that Reptiles Eat With • Evolution FAILS in the Human Body • A Brief History of Us

Evolution Observed
Have We Ever Seen Evolution Happen?Natural Selection and the Rock Pocket MouseEvolution Is Happening Right Before Your Eyes!Have We Ever Seen A New Species AriseEvolution of the Peppered MothStory Time: A Very Special MothGalapagos Finch EvolutionRapid Evolution Is Real…These Species Changed in Front of Our EyesWatch antibiotic resistance evolveWhat causes antibiotic resistance?Rapid EvolutionEvolution Before Our Very Eyes Lizards of Pod MrcaruProof of evolution that you can find on your bodyHumans Are Still Evolving!Evolution in Action - California Salamanders7 Animals That Evolved at Hyperspeed — Because of Us

How Did This Evolve?
How did feathers evolve?How the Turtle Got Its ShellHow did teeth evolve?Which Came First - Flowers or Bees?When Fish First Breathed AirHow Did Land Animals Evolve?How Did Human Hearing Evolve?The Evolution of Human BirthThe Origin of Flight--What Use is Half a Wing?How Blood Evolved (Many Times)When Insects First FlewWhen Penguins Went From The Sky To The SeaHow Did Dinosaurs Get So Huge?How the Squid Lost Its ShellHow Sloths Went From the Seas to the TreesThe Origin of Four-Legged AnimalsThe Evolution of the Heart (A Love Story) • Why do humans have a third eyelid?The evolution of animal genitalia

Paleontology and Fossils
What is a fossil? Quick Definition • How do dinosaur fossils form? • Why Don't All Skeletons Become Fossils? • How Do Paleontologists Date Fossils? • Dinosaurs 101 • Fossils 101 • 3 Mind-Blowing Recent Dinosaur Discoveries • The Most Useful Fossils in the World • Soft Tissue Found Inside a Dinosaur Bone! • A Very Handy Fish Fossil • Top Ten Dino and Fossil Discoveries • The 10 Oldest Fossils and What They Say About Evolution • Mary Anning , "The Greatest Fossilist in the World" • The Bone Wars: A Feud That Rocked U.S. Paleontology • A Day in the Life of Paleontologist • Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe • Paleontology 101: The Utah 2014 Expedition • Evolution: What the Fossils Say

Dinosaurs and Birds
The Origin of Birds • How Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds? • The Origin of Flight--What Use is Half a Wing?, • When Birds Had Teeth • Everything We Know About Dinosaur Evolution Just Changed • Are Birds Modern-Day Dinosaurs? • Why are birds the only surviving dinosaurs? • Did dinosaurs need feathers to fly? • The Perfect Reptile-Bird Hybrid Definitely Looks the Part • How did feathers evolve?, • 'Wonderchicken' - Discovering the world's oldest modern bird fossil

But What About This?
Did Dinosaurs Ever Live Alongside Humans? • 9 Misconceptions about Evolution • Science vs The Ark Encounter • Is this a Stegosaurus? • Is this a Pterosaur? • Creation v. Evolution: How Carbon Dating Works • Triceratops bone carbon-dated to just 30,000 years old?Soft Tissue Found Inside a Dinosaur Bone! • Why Are There Still Monkeys? • Irreducible Complexity? - Evolution of the Eye Explained • A Skeptical Analysis of the Ica Stones • Where are the Transitional Fossils? • Evolution FAILS in the Human Body

Evolution and Human Nature
We Are Built To Be Kind • Why Do You Love Your Family?

The Evidence for Evolution Series by Viced Rhino
The Evidence for Evolution - Homology • Evidence for Evolution - EmbryologyEvidence for Evolution - Vestigial StructuresEvidence for Evolution - GeologyEvidence for Evolution - Dating MethodsEvidence for Evolution - The Fossil RecordEvidence for Evolution - PhylogeneticsEvidence for Evolution - Sequence HomologyEvidence for Evolution - Observation in the Lab • Evidence for Evolution - Biogeography

How Do We Know?
How do we know an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago?


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